Animals and me:

Since the day I was born I have had animals in my life. They have always brought me such joy. When I come home they are right there to greet me. When I’m in bed, they snuggle right next me, and when I’m working on something they are right there with me. I always told myself “someday I will give back to these animals which has brought me so much joy and comfort over the years” WELL THAT DAY IS NOW!
Apollo In Colorland in has given me the opportunity to give back to animals. I have chosen a non-profit organization Priceless Pets Rescue
Priceless Pet Rescue
Priceless Pet Rescue is non-kill shelter. Their slogan is “Saving on by one until there are none” This grab my heart and the more I look into their organization the more I realized this would be an awesome way for me to give back to animals. How does Apollo In Colorland fit into all of this? 1% of my net sales will go to Priceless Pet Rescue to help these loving animals which has given me so much happiness and joy throughout the years.
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Priceless Pet Rescue
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