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I go with my dad a lot to the movies. We just saw:
The Promise – Great History about the Armenias
Born In China – Great picture and story about three groups of animals
We also like to go to Classic Movie night at the Starlight Cinema City Theatre every other Wednesday.

Classic Movie Night

Grease – My dad, my sister and myself just saw Grease. Just a fun time to hanging out together and watching a good old classic movie.
E.T. and Wizard of OZ – We also got to see this movie recently. It brought back many of my childhood memories.

Favorite Colors
Light blue

Favorite food
Teriyaki Beef
Chicken and Broccioc

Other Food I like
Bacon and eggs
Orange Chicken
Favorite Childhood Story
Green Eggs and ham
The little train that could.
I love animals. I have two dogs and one cat.
Kandy, Snickers and Cosmo


Man of La Mancha

I just saw Man of La Mancha at the La Mirada Theater with my boyfriend, Tony, and we just loved it!


























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