12400655_1701104016837448_4457079916148434483_n-150x150[1]Over the years, I have learned and am still learning how be a better and more positive person in my life. I want to share what I have learned and pass it on to you with the hope that somehow it will help you in […] your life!



“Just the facts Mam”

I was just reminded that we all fill in facts with our assumptions. Someone was looking for me and was told where I was, or so they thought! It turns out that I was somewhere else. This person assumed where I was based what I had in my hand. We all do this, and then we come to find out that our assumptions are not always right. In facts, more times than not are wrong. Just give the facts and the rest will take care of itself.

“Everyone has their place or purpose”

When someone is not at work and others must fill in, it is noticed. That department does not run as smoothly as it would have if that individual was there. This caused me to think on a grander scale. Everyone has a place or purpose in life that is unique to them which no one else can fulfill. Once you start thinking that way, you start to appreciate people for who they are. You know what? That is cool!

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